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WARMACHINES:Tactics - A turn-based tactical combat game for PC and Mac, set in the steam-powered world of the award-winning WARMACHINE tabletop game.

We are currently maintaining 450 pages (110 articles).

The Game

WARMACHINE: Tactics, developed by WhiteMoon Dreams, is a turn-based strategy game for PC and Mac where players pit their armies against each other in a deadly close-quarters and ranged encounter, featuring monstrous, steam-powered robots and spell slinging warriors known as Warcasters.

The game is based on the tabletop game, WARMACHINE, published by Privateer Press.

Demonstrated at PAX East, E3, and Privateer Press’ own Lock & Load GameFest, WARMACHINE: Tactics was funded through Kickstarter in 2013. The campaign reached nearly 300% of the project’s goal and remains in the top 40 funded Kickstarters of all time.

The purpose of this wiki is to document information pertaining to the video game WARMACHINE: Tactics in a factual manner, with minimal speculation and opinion.

The World